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Our Process

Our Process


At Equity Shield, we specialize in commercial real estate investing, uniquely designed for veterans and servicemembers.


Our process, deeply rooted in a disciplined and strategic investment philosophy, is crafted to build lasting relationships and drive consistent, strong performance.


As leaders in veteran real estate investing, we empower our clients with smart decision-making skills, paving their path towards financial independence and generational wealth.


Every step of our process ensures veterans actively engage and succeed in their real estate investment journey, leveraging our expertise and dedication in the field.

Judge's Table

Phase 1:
Build Relationships 

At Equity Shield, our initial step in the journey of real estate investing for veterans is establishing meaningful connections with those who have served.


As dedicated veterans, our clients are united in pursuing financial independence and creating generational wealth through commercial real estate investing.


Recognizing the potential limitations of conventional retirement savings and the uncertainties of stock market investing, these veteran investors are turning to the stability and potential of real estate.


Our specialized focus in this field allows us to guide our veteran community toward strategic investments in tangible real estate assets. These assets offer a solid foundation in an often-volatile financial landscape, providing a reliable alternative to traditional investment methods.


This phase is more than an investment strategy; it's a commitment to empowering veterans with resilient, effective real estate investment solutions that acknowledge their service and support their ambitious financial objectives.

Showing a Property

Phase 2:
Find Local CRE Deals

Our Phase 2 is a meticulous journey in real estate investing, tailored for veterans and service members.


We engage in a thorough and disciplined process of identifying and evaluating potential commercial real estate acquisitions. Our expertise shines when we pinpoint the ideal opportunity that aligns with our client's goals. Once we find the right property, we swiftly move to secure it under contract, followed by a detailed underwriting process.


This phase is crucial for our veteran investors, as it ensures that every real estate investment is backed by solid research and aligns with their vision of financial growth and stability.


At Equity Shield, we are committed to guiding our veteran community through each step, ensuring their venture into real estate investing is both strategic and rewarding.

Phase 3:
Contract with Investment Partners

In Phase 3, at Equity Shield, we move into a pivotal phase of real estate investment for our veteran partners.


Once a promising deal is secured under contract, our team diligently works to generate and share detailed performance projections. This phase is particularly crucial for our veteran investors, as it offers them the opportunity to purchase an ownership stake in the property, contingent on the closing of the deal.


This step not only empowers veterans in real estate investing but also ensures they are well-informed and integral to the investment journey. Our focus remains steadfast on providing transparent, data-driven insights, allowing our veteran partners to make informed decisions in acquiring valuable real estate assets.


This approach underscores our commitment to fostering a collaborative, informed, and strategic investment environment tailored to the unique needs of our veteran community.

Filling Out a Form

Phase 4:
Close, Stabilize & Operate

In the final phase of our process, Equity Shield excels in the realms of closing, stabilizing, and operating commercial real estate investments, particularly for our veteran community.


After the closing of a deal, our dedicated team takes the lead in ensuring the property's stabilization and efficient management. This phase is vital for our veteran real estate investors, as it involves making critical operational decisions and managing the property to maximize returns.

We maintain open communication with our veteran owners, keeping them informed about major decisions and overseeing the distribution of profits as agreed upon. Our veteran partners benefit from sharing in the property's tax advantages, profits, appreciation, and potential sale proceeds.


This comprehensive approach to real estate investing ensures that our veterans are not only investing in properties but are also actively involved in the growth and success of their investments, reinforcing our commitment to empowering them through sustainable and profitable real estate ventures.

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