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About Us

Our Founders

Equity Shield

Equity Shield was founded in 2020 by John & Rashel Stanczak, driven by a passionate vision to empower servicemembers and veterans on their path to financial independence through real estate ownership. With a continually expanding portfolio encompassing 26 properties and $1.4 million in assets under management, they have forged successful partnerships with veterans across the globe.

John & Rashel's journey towards financial independence began during their college years, burdened with over $75,000 of debt. Determined to change their financial trajectory, they embraced the Dave Ramsey program, which transformed their lives. Through relentless dedication and sacrifice, they conquered their debt and gained a new perspective on how money should work. Driven by the transformative teachings of Robert Kiyosaki, they underwent a profound shift in mindset, redirecting their focus towards investing in assets rather than being burdened by liabilities. John & Rashel utilized the VA loan program to acquire two single-family homes, strategically transforming them into profitable rental properties.


Along the way, they recognized a crucial gap in investment education within the military community. This led them to dedicate themselves to building financial literacy and long-term financial independence for servicemembers and their families. They have since partnered with dozens of veterans to invest in commercial and residential real estate nationwide.

Today, John and Rashel embark on a mission to inspire, educate, and collaborate with fellow servicemembers and veterans. Their goal is to facilitate financial independence and generational wealth through local real estate investing and comprehensive asset management. Their dedication to providing education, creating pathways, and offering investment opportunities empowers veterans to make impactful investments in their local communities, forging a path towards a prosperous future. (1).png

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services, including buying, selling, and property management. Whether you are looking to invest in your first home or expand your investment portfolio, we have you covered.

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